/Heres Every Time Maddys Makeup Was The Best Part About “Euphoria”

Heres Every Time Maddys Makeup Was The Best Part About “Euphoria”

Maddy’s character on Euphoria is…complex, to say the absolute least. And as a result, so is her makeup!


This was Maddy’s first scene in the show and obviously just a warm-up for what was to come. I remember thinking, “Ooh, glitter eyeliner! Edgy.” I was young and naive.

So without further ado, here are all the makeup looks Maddy wore during Euphoria that absolutely sent me:


When she blessed us with this bright orange dream.


It’s like a dreamsicle around her eyes.


When she proved that rhinestones do in fact belong around the eyebrows.


According to Euphoria’s head makeup artist Donni Davy, Maddy’s rhinestones are meant to give a “fantastical element” and represent her personality.


When she matched her eyeshadow to her blue cowl neck top in true early 2000s fashion…


And when she matched this purple and pink cat eye to her fuzzy two piece perfectly.


Her color coordination alone deserves it’s own post, but that’s a job for another day.


When she showed off this crystal cat eye that was so sharp it could cut a person…


Davy says she aimed to make Maddy’s makeup look like a knife in this scene, since she “cuts through everyone’s bullshit.”


And then when she dotted the jewels over her eyes like two little crowns…


And THEN when she basically said, “Screw it. Rhinestones belong around my entire eye. And also, in my hair.”


And she was absolutely right.


When she went as Iris from Taxi Driver for Halloween and showed off the best bottom lash look I’ve ever witnessed in all my days.


And finally, when at first glance it looked like she was just wearing some glittery eyeliner, but it turned out she was wearing actual chains.


Davy says she was inspired to create this look while shopping in a craft store, and knew she wanted Maddy to wear this look during a “moment of conflict.”

So there you have it. Maddy is Euphoria‘s reigning makeup queen, and I can’t wait to see what looks she’ll be serving in Season 2!

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