/29 Fall Comfort Recipes That Are Plant-Based Perfection

29 Fall Comfort Recipes That Are Plant-Based Perfection

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

From pumpkin ravioli to vegan clam chowder, these recipes are filled with fall flavor.

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It’s officially chili season! If you don’t have a staple recipe that you break out once it starts to get colder, may I suggest this recipe?

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Embrace the plentiful root vegetables in season with this latke recipe. If you’ve mastered this already, try leveling up by adding carrots, beets, and other shredded vegetables into the recipe for a variety of latke flavors.

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Combine the best of both worlds — baked potatoes and potato soup, of course — with this recipe that’ll satisfy your craving for a warm and savory fall soup.

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Make yourself a hoagie with all of those eggplants that are in season with a recipe that’s simple enough for even beginner chefs to master.

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Why yes, you do need to have pumpkin-flavored foods with every meal of the day during the fall season. Spice up breakfast with this recipe for a baked pumpkin oatmeal.

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Follow this recipe to learn how to make ravioli filled with pumpkin that’s sauteed with brown butter and sage — and impress all of your housemates at the same time.

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Even though it’s technically a fall recipe, this gluten-free soup recipe uses cans of pureed pumpkin and coconut milk — so you can make it year-round.

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If you’re looking for a real winner of a dinner recipe, these layers of delicious casserole are topped off by a cheddar jalapeno cornbread crust.

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If you don’t love eggplant (even though it’s in season), you can swap zucchini or other thinly sliced squash in this recipe.

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If you have lots of cauliflower on hand, break up the monotony of standard cauliflower recipes by using this one instead and roast them into a barbeque to serve over salad.

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Pretend you’re living a fall New England life (I’m currently pretending I’m sipping this off the coast of Maine) and create this veganized recipe for a creamy, salty, and classic clam chowder.

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Toss some extra vegetables into your pasta by following this recipe that uses eggplants, tomatoes, and basil.

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Make it a family pizza night by using this recipe, which is a California Pizza Kitchen copycat recipe made vegan.

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If you’re craving a creamy pasta, this recipe for a mushroom-filled stroganoff is worth making immediately.

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This simple recipe has a bold, umami flavor that can be paired with the grain of your choosing, like quinoa, rice, or millet.

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Re-create the look and flavor of actual beef stew using this recipe that features lots of veggies and Gardein beef tips.

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Serve these picture-perfect dessert bars at your next socially distanced gathering or make them at home for yourself.

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