/Someone Got Trapped Under Their Boat At Sea And 16 Other Disaster Survivor Stories Thatll Give You Goosebumps

Someone Got Trapped Under Their Boat At Sea And 16 Other Disaster Survivor Stories Thatll Give You Goosebumps


“In August 2012, five friends and I rented a penthouse and stayed in San José del Cabo for a month. On our second day there, we rented a speed boat for our much-anticipated wakeboarding excursion. The majority of the ride was fantastic. We followed the shoreline from San José del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas. Mid-point in our trip, we went to flip a U in a harbor close to the Holiday Inn. Then all hell broke loose. At the apex of our turn, we lost power. That meant that the front of our boat was facing the beach, and the back was facing the ocean. The Mexican undercurrent is fast, and the water deepens very quickly. The tide pulled us into the waves. With every surge, the water pushed the boat’s tail (where I was sitting) up while tilting the nose down. As soon as I noticed that tilt, I knew impending doom was coming. Surely enough, the next push of the water tilted the nose far enough down to be caught undercurrent, thus throwing me straight up in the air.”

“At this point, the boat hadn’t flipped yet. When the receding wave brought the boat back level, gravity returned me to my seat on the boat. I landed on my feet, but felt a shock up my back and an immediate, smashing warmth in my spine, then BAM! I fell forward in between the seats and COULDN’T FEEL A FUCKING THING below my chest. Meanwhile, the boat was on the verge of being flipped vertically. My friend Kati jumped on top of me and holds on to the railing with all of her strength, so I didn’t fly off or get dragged away. 

Another wave pounds… This time, water slammed into the boat, smacking Kati in the back. The force of the water pounded her nose right into the back of my head, breaking her nose. When this happened, I think I blacked out for a sec. I’m a very strong swimmer, so when I finally felt the boat getting sucked out from under us, I remember thinking, I HAVE TO SWIM AS HARD AS I CAN OR I’M GOING TO DIE. So I did. A local surfer, Juan (I hope to thank this guy again someday), saw it all happen and swam out with his board and helped me to shore.  My friend lost her wallet, and I lost my reentry visa. I lost my favorite dress in that damned accident too.  

I spent the rest of the month and my budget for what would have been fishing, golfing, drinking, stuff, with my friends…on food, tequila, hour-long massages, and Mexican over-the-counter pain pills. The doctors there were fantastic. I had a T5–7T compression injury with bruising in my lumbar. He said I was extremely close to a serious, SERIOUS injury. I still feel it five years later. I have PTSD from the accident, for sure…boats make me sweaty.”


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