/Jujubee Of “RuPauls Drag Race” Talks About Her Favorite Snatch Game Performances In The Shows Herstory

Jujubee Of “RuPauls Drag Race” Talks About Her Favorite Snatch Game Performances In The Shows Herstory

BuzzFeed: Juju, I guess I need to start with the big question that’s on everybody’s minds: How are your cats treating you in quarantine?

Jujubee: I knew you’re gonna ask about my cats. They are fantastic! Priss is on the bed, and Mister likes the closet for some reason. So you know, we hang out, they’re with me, but they’re also like distancing. If that makes any sense? Because they’re cats and they don’t really care.

Sounds like they’re also just sort of judging you.

JB: Oh, absolutely! And I think that’s why I love them so much, because I am never gonna fully get their love. And I think that there’s this like, desperate attempt to be like, “Who loves me?” I need their love, and I’m never gonna get it. Because really it’s a sick relationship…but with that being said, you should really get a cat [laughs]!

You’re of course Drag Race royalty. And I think when people think of the show, you’re always one of the first queens they think of. You got very, very far into the competition in both Season 2 and All Stars 1. Was there any hesitation returning back to the Werk Room for you?

JB: Yes and no. Yes, I was hesitant because when you leave on a high note, you want to just kind of stay on that high note, right? And then there’s always that chance of coming back and not doing as well as I did the other seasons. But then the “no hesitation” is the excited part of me. I was/am a completely different person from who I was during those seasons. You know, my mind was completely different, and I just live a new way of life. And my approach to the competition was strictly like: “This is a competition and I’m gonna get to where I need to get!” I’ve also become very competitive [laughs].

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