/Its Time To Admit Dan Levy Was The Best Part Of “Happiest Season”

Its Time To Admit Dan Levy Was The Best Part Of “Happiest Season”

We all deserve a hilarious friend who tracks us for our own safety!

Hulu dropped the spectacular Happiest Season last Friday, and while there are many stand out performances, Dan Levy just took the cake. Levy plays John, a tech-savvy literary agent and best friend to one of the film’s main characters, Abby (Kristen Stewart).

From John’s first introduction in the movie, I knew he was going to be nothing short of fantastic.

Seriously, the running gag of him tracking everyone in his life never got old.

While we saw him be an incredibly supportive friend to Abby, the same could not be said about how he treated her fish.

But, in my opinion, John’s best moment of the film was the beautiful speech he made, in which he validated Harper’s anxiety and fears about coming out, while also validating Abby’s wish to be with someone who is out.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!

I definitely wasn’t the only one jumping on the John train. The internet seemed to deem him “the world’s greatest friend:”

Every. Single. Thing. that @danjlevy says and does in @HappiestSeason is fuckin hilarious. What a delightful, funny, and meaningful movie. The whole cast is 💯. Thank you to all who made it. ❤️🎄❤️

05:04 AM – 28 Nov 2020

just finished Happiest Season. Not sure why, but @danjlevy has a beautiful way of making me feel very safe

04:13 AM – 26 Nov 2020

Makes me so happy to have @danjlevy in @HappiestSeason on my screen again.
Also feel like we’d be equally quality drinking buddies.

11:29 PM – 26 Nov 2020

Dan levy needs an Oscar for his speech in happiest season?????!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER RECOVER

03:49 PM – 29 Nov 2020

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