/Its About Time We Talk About The Orolay Down Jacket, Aka The Amazon Coat

Its About Time We Talk About The Orolay Down Jacket, Aka The Amazon Coat

This jacket is worth every penny! I wore it for the first time today to take my pups outside to potty and let them play in the snow. It was still snowing, so I zipped up the jacket, pulled the fuzzy hood up, and trudged out into the cold weather I detest so much. Only to my surprise…I didn’t feel the cold! I didn’t even feel like Randy from, A Christmas Story, either! I could put my arms down, move with ease, and was warm and toasty without being overheated. It’s quite literally, the perfect jacket! I bought the olive green color and it looks so amazing! Even my one K9 loves it! When I opened it, he wouldn’t stop bothering me until I set it down next to me for him to look at; he then proceeded to curl up in it and fall asleep on top of it for over two hours. I would have moved him if his 5-year-old butt didn’t weigh almost 90 lbs. lol. You know your jacket’s a winner when even your pup is fighting for custody! 💁‍♀️” —Meg

Totally worth the money, I can tell I’ll be wearing this jacket for years to come. Huge pockets, huge hood, long enough to cover your butt if you’re wearing leggings. Also, while the body part of the jacket is puffy, the sleeves are much more fitted so you don’t look huge while wearing it. The hip area is a little snug but there’s a zipper to adjust it and give you more wiggle room. Really warm while feeling very lightweight at the same time. Seriously, my new favorite jacket.” —Jennifer

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