/Im Actually Low-Key Fascinated By This Costco In Alaska

Im Actually Low-Key Fascinated By This Costco In Alaska

Updated on Jul 28, 2020. Posted on Jul 27, 2020

Costco is a glorious place. We all know this, right?

(And nope, this isn’t sponsored by Costco. I just love it, OK?? 🙃)

But all Costcos are a little bit different in terms of what they sell. For example, you can pick up bakery platters of chocolate crepes at Costco France — or bulk sashimi at Costco Japan.

I knew the differences were most obvious at Costco’s international locations — but I’d never really thought much about the differences between Costcos across America.

One place where that’s apparent? Costco Alaska.

Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images, Mariah Osborne Krueger

Mariah Osborne Krueger recently posted a virtual tour of her local Anchorage Costco on Facebook. And I, for one, was low-key fascinated by it.

“Personally, Costco is my happy place,” Mariah told BuzzFeed. “I do most of my shopping there. Any time someone asks where I got something, they usually answer it themselves by saying, ‘Nevermind! Probably Costco.’”

As Mariah explains, even the warehouse setup of Alaskan Costcos is a bit different — with ultra-insulated walls and industrial heaters hanging from the ceiling.

They also sell a bunch of items that are Alaska staples. Here are some highlights:


Bear spray

Mariah Osborne Krueger

Mariah sums up: “Spray and pray!!”


Blackout curtains for Alaskan summers, during which there can be 20+ hours of daylight per day.

Mariah Osborne Krueger

As Mariah explains: During the summer in Anchorage, the sun sets at midnight and rises at 3 a.m. Alternatively, during the winter, there are only about four hours of daylight per day — and Costco sells SAD lights instead.


Wool socks year-round

Mariah Osborne Krueger

Even now in July — Alaska’s warmest month — average daily temperatures range from a low of 48° F to a high of 65°F.


Float coats

Mariah Osborne Krueger

For boats! The jacket version of a life vest.


Whole pigs for roasting

Mariah Osborne Krueger

I’m part-Filipina and my mind is kinda blown at the idea of whole roasted pig (or lechón, as we call it!) available at Costco. 🤯


Tons and tons of fishing gear — including some you’d expect:

Mariah Osborne Krueger

Fishing rods, storage coolers, wading pants.


And some you might not — like these huge salmon traps:

Mariah Osborne Krueger

“This is a dipnet trap used for scooping salmon out of the river,” explains Mariah. “It’s very unique to Alaska because it’s used for subsistence fishing only.”


Lotta crabs, of course!


A corner with propane tanks and a casual chainsaw:


Tents galore:

Mariah Osborne Krueger

In the fall and winter, these will swap out for more seasonal outdoor gear — like trekking poles, snow shoes, makeshift carports, and sleds.


And a ton of mosquito repellent:

Mariah Osborne Krueger

To fend off, as Mariah says, the Alaskan state bird. 🦟


A cracker called “Sailor Boy Pilot Bread”:

Mariah Osborne Krueger

“This is stale, round cracker,” Mariah says. “It’s an Alaskan staple and the only state that the company ships to.”


Fan-favorite ginger beer:


And doomsday food with a shelf life of up to 25 years:

What’s the most interesting or super regional thing your local Costco sells? Share in the comments below!

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