/29 Things Gen Z Says Are “Millennial Personalities” That Are Funny And Sad Because Theyre True

29 Things Gen Z Says Are “Millennial Personalities” That Are Funny And Sad Because Theyre True

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Welcome to another edition of merciless dragging from Gen Z. Today we’ll be looking at tweets about things that Gen Z’ers say millennials call personalities.


Can someone tell millennials the Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning is not a personality trait

09:42 PM – 02 Aug 2020


Millennials think having dmx and fall out boy on the same playlist is a personality trait lol.

12:25 AM – 28 Jul 2020


hey millennials! hating on tiktok isn’t a personality trait 🥴 go back to being a “dog mom” and stanning harry potter

04:30 AM – 01 Aug 2020


Millennials think drinking too much and being over 30 is a personality trait.


11:21 PM – 29 Jul 2020


Do millennials know blaming things on their astrological sign isn’t a personality trait?

07:21 PM – 21 Mar 2019


Surprised no one has made fun of millennials for thinking liking burritos is a quirky personality trait.

01:41 PM – 23 Jul 2020


all millennials know how to do is brag about knowing what a vcr is and make being single a personality trait

02:12 AM – 20 Jul 2020


millennials be like “i can’t swallow a pill 🤪” and make it their one and only personality trait. bitch GROW UP

07:35 AM – 05 Jul 2020


millennials think mustaches are funny and that loving coffee is a personality trait……..

05:20 AM – 30 Jun 2020


millennials think hating cats it’s a personality trait. oh my god please get a hobby, you look pathetic.
-Gen Z Management

07:20 PM – 27 Jun 2020


millennials think that having no cavities is a personality trait like ??? you’re hygienic, congrats

04:49 PM – 26 Jun 2020


millennials really thinking drinking gas station rosé and eating shitty pepperoni pizza in the bath is a personality trait huh

02:11 PM – 19 Jun 2020


Millennials personality trait is saying the 90s were better and making jokes about eating food

08:32 PM – 20 May 2020


Millennials be like: “omg I want to join the tik tok but I’m too old haha im so sick of adulting today I just want to be a burrito haha pizza is a personality trait.”

04:38 PM – 23 Apr 2020


millennials are so annoying, their only personality trait is taking buzzfeed quizzes to figure out what kind of pizza their cat is

06:55 PM – 02 Jul 2020

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