/27 Self Care Products Under $20 Worth Buying In 2021

27 Self Care Products Under $20 Worth Buying In 2021

Each sampler comes with 48 individual tea bags in a variety of these flavors: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Lemon & Orange, Pure Assam, Green Tea with Jasmine, Organic Peppermint, and Organic Chamomile.

Promising review:The Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box arrived and I could not be more excited. The bags of tea were organized nicely and placed in their own compartment within the black Taylors’ box. The effect is classy and elegant. There are six bags for each blend with a total of 48 tea bags…Each blend of tea produces a different flavor depending on which you choose. I place one tea bag into a tea cup. I prefer to use a tea kettle to heat my water to boiling. Then I pour the hot water over the tea bag and let the tea steep for five minutes. I discard the used tea bag and then add a splash of cream or milk to my tea. Now my tea is ready to sip and tastes wonderful.” —Dr. K

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