/25 Products Amazon Reviewers Swear By For Their Puppies

25 Products Amazon Reviewers Swear By For Their Puppies

Everything you need to keep your puppy safe, happy, healthy, and well-behaved.

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A behavioral aid that your little angel can cozy up with when they’re anxious or sleepy. The fuzzy doll comes with a tool that emits a pulsing heartbeat and a nontoxic heat pack in order to mimic the sensation of snuggling up with a fellow pup.


Promising review: “This is an amazing invention. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant because of the cost, but I did not want our new puppy to have anxiety issues the first night away from his litter and mom. We bought this ahead of picking up our puppy and, on the day of, we placed it among all the littermates to play with and rubbed it on the mom. On the drive home, we put him in his crate with the Snuggle Puppy and a towel with our scent on it; he did not cry at all. Once home, we kept the Snuggle Puppy inside his crate, and he would return to it every so often in between eating, playing, and sniffing his closed-off area in the kitchen. At night, we moved the crate into our bedroom, guided the puppy into the crate with a treat for positive reinforcement, and he snuggled up against the Snuggle Puppy. I am stunned to report that he did not cry at all. We woke him for his pre-planned potty breaks at 2 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., then walked him back to the crate with a treat and he would settle in with the toy. Today, he has been active and engaged, but when he’s tired, he goes to the crate and settles in. It is his favorite toy, and will stay with him for a long time to come.” —Brennan Michael McMillan

Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in four colors).


A bag of soft, moist training treats to reinforce good behaviors. While the tiny size makes these treats perfect for training sessions, the nutrients packed into every single one will encourage the healthy growth of your pup.


Promising review: “We have a beautiful husky puppy who we are trying to train, and it was hard going with the treats we were giving him as he wasn’t interested in them at all! I decided to give the chicken Blue Buffalo dog treats a try. I was very happy to see that they are super soft, small, and more in the range of ingredients that the vet told us to use for him. As soon as I opened the package, he caught a whiff of the scent, and went crazy! Even I had to admit these little heart-shaped treats smelled good! We are in the process of teaching him how to sit and wait for a treat which is going to take a while because as soon as I took one out he went berserk trying to get to the treat in my hand! My husband was laughing up a storm with me trying to get our dog to sit, and I ended up just giving him the treat, and he devoured it in seconds flat, and was waiting for us to give him more! He definitely adores these treats, and they are now my go-to treats for training him. They are soft, which are perfect for his teeth, have fewer calories than most other treats, and he loves them!” —Odessa

Get it from Amazon for $7.97+ (or Subscribe & Save for $7.57/month, available in two flavors and three sizes).


A self-warming bed, so your baby won’t have trouble getting to sleep on the first few nights without their brothers and sisters. The bed reflects their heat to keep them cozy on chilly nights and the faux-lambswool is so snuggly, you’ll be tempted to climb in with your pup.


Promising review: “My Chihuahua acts like she has been weaned very recently, which makes for one restless, clingy puppy. She has a fit if you put her down for a second, let alone if you put her down to try and sleep. After doing some research, I learned that a heating pad can help puppies sleep at night as it simulates the feeling of sleeping with their littermates. I was worried a heating pad would hurt her, so I purchased this heating bed. It is amazing. On the first night, my puppy crawled into it unprompted and crashed. She slept for over 12 hours and only woke up to eat or use the bathroom! I keep the bed right next to mine so she can peek up and see me next to her every so often. All in all, if you have a restless puppy, buy this bed for them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.” —Jody Williams

Get it from Amazon for $25.30+ (available in two colors and two sizes).


A puzzle game to give them the mental stimulation they need to prevent the boredom that provokes naughty behavior.


Promising review: “We have an Aussie pup who needs as much mental stimulation as he can get. Out of all of the enrichment toys I’ve purchased, this is hands down the best one. It keeps him busy for about 20 minutes at a time and tires him out in a vastly different way than his outdoor time. This makes it fantastic for pups recovering from injuries as well as those needing mental stimulation and busy time! I’ve been upping the difficulty by adding more challenging items to consume such as apple sauce, cream cheese, and frozen bone broth. It keeps him occupied for even longer! It’s very easy to clean. appears to be made well enough to withstand the rigors of a mouthy, chew-focused puppy, and is heavy enough that it doesn’t seem like he’ll try and carry off to another location. (Note: This is for supervised playtime only as it has removable parts.) Overall, this was a much more versatile investment than I expected.” —~Laura A.

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in six styles).


A dental care kit because it’s so important to start regular brushing when they’re young. It comes with a toothpaste that is safe for pups (absolutely do not use human toothpaste!), a skinny, double-sided toothbrush, and a silicone finger toothbrush.


Promising review: “I was pretty impressed by how quickly my 10-week-old puppy took to having his teeth brushed. He’s not a fan of the actual toothbrush, but I think over time he will get used to it. On the other hand, the finger brush doesn’t seem to bother him at all. He really enjoys the flavor of the toothpaste. I will definitely buy this toothpaste again; I’ve noticed it’s significantly more expensive in stores, so I will continue to get it through Amazon.” —SomeGeekyGirl

Get it from Amazon for $3.57+ (or Subscribe & Save for $3.39/month, available in five flavors).


A 6-pack of chicken-flavored teething rings to ease their sore little gums. Gnawing on these pliable, twisted rings will gently massage their gums and relieve any chewing urges. They are made with natural ingredients and packed with nutrients that support healthy teeth, bone, and brain development in your pup.


Promising review: “My 2-month-old Sheltie mix puppy loves these! She’s teething a lot right now, but giving her these teething rings has helped soothe her aching teeth and she loves the flavor. Whenever she’s done playing and is about to take a nap, I give this to her and it helps her self-soothe.” —Kristina

Get it from Amazon for $8.68.


A 14-pack of puppy pads that have five separate layers in order to absorb up to three cups of liquid, neutralize odors, and disguise those ugly, yellow stains. They are developed with pheromone attractant, so your babe will know where to go from day one.

amazon.com, Amazon

Promising review: “I recently brought home a new puppy and he is a very active boy who has to go so many times a day. I decided to use puppy pads to assist with house-training. I am very impressed with the absorbency of these pads. They absorb the odor, so your house won’t smell like a zoo! This really helps because my puppy can pee more than one time on the pad and I don’t have to use as many. They are absolutely excellent for the price and quality. I highly recommend these and will continue to order as needed.” —UrbanGaPeach

Get it from Amazon for $4.73+ (available in seven pack sizes).


A bag of Greenies pill pockets to make the medicine go down so much easier. Just stick a pill in one of these treats and pinch the pocket closed — your puppy won’t be able to taste or smell the medicine through this tasty treat!


Promising review: “I have a stubborn puppy that would never take his medicine. We tried hiding his pill in hot dogs, luncheon meat, and peanut butter, but he would always eat around the pill or spit it out. These Pill Pockets make the process much easier; he swallows it whole and never spits it out. We were skeptical at first, but now we always have them on hand.” —Jake

Get it from Amazon for $7.98+ (available in three sizes).


And a bottle of pet stain remover because accidents do happen. The natural, enzymatic bacteria solution is gentle enough to use on pretty much any surface but strong enough to totally remove all of the stains (and their odors) that your little buddy makes.


Promising review: “A year ago, our puppy jumped on our bed and peed right on our brand new mattress. We used a steam cleaner and Nature’s Miracle Urine Remover, but a bright, yellow stain was left behind. Recently, I ordered a bottle of this, sprayed the stain, let it sit for two minutes, and scrubbed it clean with a white cloth. The stain is completely gone! I could not believe it. Now, I am a loyal customer.” —Dsbeach

Get it from Amazon for $19.97+ (or Subscribe & Save for $18.97/month, available in two sizes).


How To Raise The Perfect Dog, a book that will tell you everything you need to know about choosing, socializing, teaching, and caring for a new puppy.


Promising review: “I raised a puppy when I was much younger but, after reading this book, I realized that there is so much more I could’ve done to prepare for that experience. Knowing what I do now because of Cesar’s book (and his show!), I could’ve been a much better communicator with my dog. My husband has never owned a dog, and I feel like I have gotten as much out of this book as he has. Cesar explains everything in detail and discusses common problems that cause behavioral issues. Giving the pup the right praise and discipline at the right times is imperative for encouraging good behaviors. I am going to read it and review it again within the next month to prepare for our new pup. All in all, if you only buy and read one book to prepare for a pup, make it this one. You won’t regret it.” —K. Goodwin

Get it from Amazon for $10.88+ (available in five formats).


A long leash, so they can get their zoomies out without pulling your arm off. It’s also a great tool for training them for a life off-leash.


Promising review: “This leash is the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time! I’m so excited about it. My dog is very play-motivated, so I used to train him in the backyard where I could throw the ball. It’s gotten more difficult since we moved into an apartment. When we go to the dog park, there are always other people there. Now that I have what I’ve been referring to as the “super leash,” I can take him to any grassy area where we aren’t trespassing, and I can train him with the thing that motivates him the most: his ball. I can’t express how happy I am with this purchase. It’s flexible and doesn’t get caught on things in the grass like other long lines I’ve had. I’m thrilled with it and I know my boy is, too!” —Jade

Get it from Amazon for $7.97+ (available in eight colors and five sizes).


An exercise playpen if you want to have eyes on your newest family member at all times but can’t afford to spend the whole day chasing them around the house.


Promising review: “This playpen is perfect! It’s nice to be able to keep my new puppy safe while I am gardening, making dinner, etc. It was easy to put together and seems durable. My puppy is safe, contained, and, at only 4 lbs the playpen, has plenty of room. Still, it does not take up too much space in my home. Two thumbs up!” —Jacqueleena

Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in two colors and three sizes).


A training pouch that holds everything you need, whether you’re doing a training session or taking your pup on a walk. It has a drawstring pouch to hold a generous amount of treats, a poop bag holder, a ring to hold your clicker, and pockets for your phone and keys.


Promising review: “I have had this for about three weeks and it is the most stylish and functional dog treat holder I have ever used! It truly does carry everything you need so that you don’t have to walk around with a bunch of stuff in your pockets! I wear the strap around my waist; it is soft and very easy to adjust. My dogs listen so much better knowing that they will possibly get a treat if they come when called. It really helps me train my pups. I really hope this holds up for a long time; if it doesn’t, I will certainly buy another!” —Jamesnjeans

Get it from Amazon for $15.95.


A pet carrier with two doors, so you can easily tuck your pup in or pull them out. Whether you’ve got a plane ride or a road trip coming up, you can bring your pet along in this carrier knowing that they will be comfortable and safe.


Promising review: “I bought this to take our new puppy home and to take my cat to the vet. Gone are the days of reaching all the way in to get the cat out of the front door! It’s so much more convenient to open the top door and pull him out that way. It’s large enough to give him a comfortable, safe home to sleep in. The kennel comes with a small dual compartment dish, so it works great for traveling and road trips. Out of the five carriers I’ve had over my life, this is by far my favorite. I’m betting it will last a lot longer than the previous ones.” —Chris F

Get it from Amazon for $41.95+ (available in two colors).


A jar of calming treats made with hemp, chamomile, and valerian root to help your anxious puppy relax while you’re getting them acquainted with your home and family.


Promising review: “When I adopted my puppy from the shelter, he was extremely fearful; based on some of his behaviors and reactions to stimuli, he may very well have suffered from abuse. I’ve always been a huge believer in treating the root cause and not the symptom, but I wanted to try something to curb his anxiety while I showed him that the world isn’t a scary place. It’s been about a week since I purchased these hemp treats, and I have a different dog. His sensitivity to sound has improved tremendously, and he can relax to the point that he can focus on learning. After all, neither humans nor dogs learn well when we’re anxious or stressed. I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend that you give them a try.” —Yahtzee

Get it from Amazon for $29.96 (or Subscribe & Save for $26.96/month).


Or an anxiety jacket which is basically a weighted blanket that your pup can wear everywhere. The constant pressure both eases anxiety and calms them down when they’re hyper!

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “She went from terrorizing the Christmas tree to calm within minutes of putting it on. Our German shorthaired pointer is a very active puppy who suffers from separation anxiety. The Thundershirt has helped with her anxiety and calms her down when she’s hyper. We highly recommend this product.” —Mcpamswan

Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in seven sizes).


Promising review: “We are so thrilled with this patio panel. We are on the upper level of a duplex-style apartment, and we’ve got a large patio where we have a large potty pad. This door allows our pup to let herself out whenever she needs, and it has aided in the housebreaking process. It fits cleanly in our sliding glass door and leaves plenty of room for us humans to move through. It is 100% worth the money.” —Jesse & Flanny

Get it from Amazon for $114.95+ (available in three colors and four sizes).


A clicker because clicker training is a foolproof system of positive reinforcement. All you need to do is teach your pup to associate a click with getting a treat so that they’ll recognize the click as an acknowledgement of good behavior.


Promising review: “My 9-week-old Goldendoodle puppy now knows how to sit, shake, lay down, and play dead! This cheap clicker will save you so much money. Don’t waste your time on dog trainers… With this clicker and a bit of your time, your little puppy will know basic commands. I press the clicker and give her a Cheerio every time she masters a new command. Before we had it, she would get distracted and confused about why she was receiving a treat. Within 15-20 minutes of using this tool, my puppy can do all of the commands. It is really fun to teach her new commands because she catches on so quickly with the clicker.” —Gina Solomon

Get it from Amazon for $3.99.


Or a remote-controlled treat dispenser that you can operate from up to 100 feet away. With one of these bad boys, you can clicker-train them all around the house without carrying a bunch of treats and a clicker around with you everywhere you go.


Promising review:This is the best training aid I have used in the 25 years I have been training dogs. It’s a modified version of clicker training, only better. My novice dog learned very quickly that the loud beep would be followed by treats and that following my commands would produce a beep. When we started agility training, she learned right away that if she navigated the weave poles correctly, she would get a treat!” —Dry-N-Dusty

Get it from Amazon for $119.95.


A maze bowl if your puppy eats like they’re never going to see food again.


Promising review: “My puppy used to inhale her food so fast that immediately after she ate, she would regurgitate all of it, then eat it again—gross, I know. Because of her eating habits, I was seriously concerned about her stomach flipping. I purchased this bowl in hopes that I would get my puppy to eat at a slow, healthy rate… and that’s exactly what it did! The first few times Rigby used the bowl, it took her about 15 minutes to finish a meal that normally lasts less than 30 seconds. She was frustrated at first, but after spending a month using the bowl, Rigby has figured out how to get around the obstacles and can finish her meal in 5-10 minutes. I’m happy that I no longer have to worry about her digestion. This bowl is amazing, and the non-slip grips work great, too. Thank you for keeping my puppy safe and entertained while she eats!” —Pen Name

Get it from Amazon for $11.76+ (available in four patterns and two sizes).


A pet carrier backpack for the early years when they’re too young for strenuous activity, but you still want to bring them on all of your adventures.


Promising review: “I have a mini Schnauzer puppy and I love to hike, but I wasn’t sure how long my puppy would be able to walk before getting tired. Having had a huge German shepherd in the past that used to just give up and force me to carry her 85-pound self back to the car, I decided to buy this carrier for my puppy. At first, she did not like it, but once she got really tired on our hike, she let me put her inside. Sometimes, I’ll carry her around the house while I do my chores if she’s being extra needy. It has held up quite nicely.” —ycybarra

Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (available in 10 colors and four sizes).


A nonslip, waterproof seat cover that’ll keep both your car and your puppy safe. The hammock design will prevent them from sliding and falling if you have to hit the brakes.


Promising review: “I have a very active Australian shepherd puppy, so I would be lost without this seat cover. It is a lifesaver! It’s rugged, well made, protects the seats, and so easy to clean. My puppy got sick and had diarrhea on it a few days ago. I took it out, sprayed it down with the hose, scrubbed it with cleaner and a stiff brush, and it was as good as new. I like the tough mesh material on the underside as it allows for ventilation. You will not regret this seat cover. It is the best.” —Ann lane

Get it from Amazon for $33.96 (available in two colors and two sizes).


A LickiMat because *fun fact* licking actually helps dogs release endorphins! Smearing a light snack onto it will keep them totally occupied when they’re anxious or when you don’t have time to entertain them.


Promising review: “This product is a miracle! I am crate training my newly adopted boxer-lab mix. He has high energy and has difficulty calming down. These lick mats keep him busy and do seem to soothe him. They are durable, easy to clean, and work well in the crate. I spread canned dog food or peanut butter onto the mats. I just purchased a third one so I can rotate them throughout the day.” —Tawny

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $14.95.


A padded harness, so your eager buddy doesn’t choke themselves when they tug at the leash.


Promising review: This is a great harness that allows my 9-month-old puppy to run around without choking herself. We have a home that backs up to the woods and has no fence, but lots of predators. We keep her on a 100-foot long leash that we attach to a spring in the ground. Both the spring and the harness prevent her from hurting herself when she reaches the end of her rope. Our puppy is not afraid to let us know when she doesn’t like something—click the nail clipper just once and she’ll go running for the hills! When she sees the vest, she comes running over to let us put it on. If it was uncomfortable, that certainly wouldn’t be the case.” —Ant S

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in 16 colors and six sizes).


A crate which not only has over 40,000 reviews, but was also named the best dog crate by Wirecutter. It sits on rollers to protect your floors, has a durable pan, and easily folds up for storage. It also comes with a divider to limit the space they have when they’re little and still learning not to pee in their den.


Promising review:This crate is durable, easy to set up, and easy to collapse. We can easily travel around with it. My puppy likes to gnaw on the metal bars and I haven’t found a mark yet. The removable tray is extremely useful for cleaning up little puppy puddles! The divider is what really makes these crates a great buy. We wanted to get a crate that our cockapoo could move around in, so we got the 36-inch one that is way too big for him now that he is only eight weeks old. We were able to convert the cage into one that is much smaller. As he grows and gets house-trained, we will be able to move the divider further and further out and eventually remove it completely. There’s no need to keep purchasing larger crates because this one grows with our little guy!” —JL1231

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in four styles and seven shapes).

Your puppies when they see all the new goodies you ordered for them:

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