/25 British Tweets, That Had Us Laughing From Lockdown

25 British Tweets, That Had Us Laughing From Lockdown


Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of. I wish them the very best of luck.

03:12 PM – 17 May 2020


This is the view on the escalator to Manchester Arndale food court on market street https://t.co/tLIIxERuxW

07:17 PM – 17 May 2020


When you order your girlfriend a personalised gin glass and get the option to add a note……

08:26 PM – 18 May 2020


good morning to everyone except my boyfriend, who didn’t consult me before he used washing up liquid in lieu of dishwasher tablets last night

06:49 AM – 19 May 2020


I miss drinking a ginger shot from Pret and convincing myself that I feel better for it.

10:26 AM – 18 May 2020


If you’re chatting to me and you like me don’t ever let the conversation die. Ask me if I like bread

12:47 AM – 19 May 2020


After years of hard work and dedication i can finally say i am a proud home owner at 18, Anything is possible 🙌🏾💯💪🏾

11:51 AM – 18 May 2020


DO YOU THINK when pubs finally reopen with social distancing, it will mark an end to men moving us out of the way by putting their hands on our waists? Can we dare to dream

09:08 AM – 20 May 2020


Remember in school when your tights used to really itch your bum I wonder what that was about x

06:52 PM – 13 May 2020


if you’ve ever been to Peterborough, you’ll let them enjoy their 6 McDonald’s in peace. that’s all they have

11:02 AM – 20 May 2020

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