/23 “Painfully Relatable Jack-O-Lantern” Memes That Are Too Accurate

23 “Painfully Relatable Jack-O-Lantern” Memes That Are Too Accurate

Last week, Article Group tweeted out a fun and ~spooky~ contest where everyone who entered had to write out a terrifying everyday thing on pictures of pumpkins — thus, turning them into “painfully relatable jack-o-lanterns.”

The spooky season is finally upon us, which means arguing about candy corn & of course, carving pumpkins!

What’s a terrifying thing from your everyday life you’d write on a “painfully relatable jack-o-lantern”?

Write your answer on one of these pumpkins. Winner gets a trophy!

02:03 PM – 02 Oct 2019

Rae Paoletta, one of the account’s curators, told BuzzFeed, “This thread is part of a recurring series of creative challenges we do every week called ‘Win a Thing Wednesday.'” Each week players participate in “[a] little weird and creative” game and the winners receive and actual trophy (!!!!!).

The responses to the “painfully relatable jack-o-lantern” challenge are all just TOO good not to share, so here’s 23 of the best ones:

IDK about you but I’m feeling *pretty* spooked right now.

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