/22 Money Mistakes Millennials Hope Gen Zers Avoid

22 Money Mistakes Millennials Hope Gen Zers Avoid

If $10K will cover your tuition, fees, dorm, etc., and they offer you $15K in loans, see if you can reject the extra $5K unless you REALLY need it. Would it be nice to have? Absolutely. Will it suck to have to pay off more down the road plus interest? ABSOLUTELY. I didn’t realize this until I was on my next-to-last undergrad semester — I could’ve saved myself probably $10K or more if I’d known this right off the bat.”


“Student loans are real debt that you have to pay back. It doesn’t matter that ‘everyone has them’ and that they are ‘good debt.’ Apply for as many scholarships as possible if you’re going to college. It’s not that you shouldn’t take out student loans, but you should take them seriously, and try to make it out of college with as little loan debt as possible.”


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