/21 “Angel” Behind-The-Scenes Facts We Just Learned Straight From The Cast

21 “Angel” Behind-The-Scenes Facts We Just Learned Straight From The Cast

The cast of Angel recently swung by New York Comic-Con to celebrate the show’s 20th Anniversary and reveal some amazing behind-the-scenes secrets. Here’s everything we learned:

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🚨Obviously spoilers ahead!🚨


First, Spike was originally only going to be in five episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer — by the time Buffy and Angel ended, Spike was in over 120 episodes.


James Marsters revealed that Spike was supposed to die during Season 2 of Buffy — he was going to be Angel’s first kill after “going evil.”

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James explained, “[Angel’s] first act of evil was to take me down. So, they only built me up to be cool so that when Angel killed me, he would look awesome.”


Spike was “never designed to be a romantic character,” and fan support really transformed him into the character he ended up becoming.

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James explained that he wanted to find the one thing that Spike loved, which was Drusilla, and when he showed Spike having a genuine connection with someone that was when the character truly connected with the audience.


For Amy Acker’s original chemistry screen test with Alexis Denisof and J. August Richards, they had to read a Shakespearian scene Joss Whedon wrote — Alexis said it’s one of his favorite scenes.


Joss actually gave Amy some of Illyria’s first scenes while they were attending Alexis and Alyson Hannigan’s wedding.

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Alexis joked, “Joss never stops working.”


Also, Joss had Amy and Alexis come over to his house and read an Illyria and Wesley scene while he played with different colored lights — this is how they came up with Illyria’s color scheme.

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Amy said, “We did these scenes, that were never in the show, and we kind of worked the character, which is something you never get to do. [Joss] was flipping the colors on the lights and we tried it with red and then we tried it with blue and he was like, ‘Oh yeah you’re gonna be blue.'”


Charisma Carpenter had to re-record Cordelia’s final line after filming wrapped because she was originally so choked up while saying it that she gave away Cordelia’s surprise fate.

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Charisma explained, “I guess I had indicated in a way [that] I was sharing a loss, like I was sad. I knew what was coming. And they didn’t want it to be given away.”


The iconic shawarma post-credits scene in Avengers was apparently inspired by what the Angel cast looked like after filming the episode with Fred’s death — Joss directed both.

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Amy revealed, “I just remember that at the end of the day we all went for a drink and were sitting in a bar and none of us spoke to each other. Apparently the shawarma scene at the end of Avengers was inspired by us just sitting there not talking.”


Alexis said he felt like he was “taking somebody’s seat at the table” when Wesley was brought onto Angel following Glenn Quinn’s death.


Charisma wishes she could’ve “explored Season 5” with Cordelia and is still heartbroken over her death.

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She said, “Cordelia is a huge part of my life. It was the best role I’ve ever occupied to date. She’s was a big part of my life, like seven years of playing the same character isn’t lost on a person.”


In fact, Charisma recalled that she didn’t want to return as Cordelia if they were going to kill her but “it didn’t work out that way.”

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Charisma said executive producer Jeffrey Bell visited her on the set of Miss Match and told her how Cordelia was gonna die and she thought, “If you’re going to go that’s the way to go.”


James explained that the only reason Spike became a series regular on Buffy was because the show “needed a new Cordelia” after Charisma left and joined Angel.

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Also, Joss never knew what to do with Spike’s character when he first started appearing regularly.


J. August’s favorite memory from filming Angel was when the cast would gather in Alexis’ trailer and play Boggle during lunch.

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He remembered thinking “this is bliss.”


Meanwhile, Alexis recalled one night when they were filming a scene in an alley in Downtown Los Angeles and someone “poured a cup of urine over us.”

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If Amy were to revisit a plot line on Angel it would be both of her love interests — she felt like she never got to portray “the full experience.”

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James said people always ask him what his favorite Spike lines are and he truthfully “doesn’t remember anything.”

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He explained, “When you’re working 12 to 15 hours a day and you’re doing 22 episodes a year, I discovered levels of fatigue, I had no idea existed. And my short-term memory evaporated.”


While filming “Smile Time,” there was a puppeteer who was hidden in the scenes — Amy said even when they cut the puppeteer would use the puppet to talk to the cast.

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Amy continued, saying, “He was under a desk and he had the dirtiest mouth…We would all keep talking to the puppet like it was a real person.”


Charisma’s favorite Angel episodes are when Cordelia got her own sitcom and “Spin the Bottle.”

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For “Spin the Bottle,” Charisma explained that it was rare that everyone got to be in scenes all together.


And James’ favorite episode was “Smile Time.” He explained that it was “such a brave move” for a show to do an episode like that.


When they were filming the series finale, James assumed that all of the characters were dead and it was their last “heroic act” — he was shocked to open the continuation comic book and find out they survived.


And finally, the cast agrees that, to them, Angel means “growth, family, life, and dedication.”

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