/20 Sex Toys For People Who Are Curious About Them, But Have Never Tried One

20 Sex Toys For People Who Are Curious About Them, But Have Never Tried One

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A compact silicone mini wand vibrator with over 1,000 positive reviews (!!!!) from beginners and sex toy pros alike who have had their minds completely and totally blown. Plus it’s small, easy to fit in your nightstand, and has three intuitive buttons.

Amazon, amazon.com

It’s got 20 vibration speeds and eight patterns (a lot of the vibration speeds are VERY strong, so you may want to start slow if it’s your first vibe), a flexible head, a USB charger, and it’s waterproof! Check out BuzzFeed’s full write-up on this vibe.

Promising review: “Oh my goodness! Okay so, this is my first toy purchase and whew! Geez! It’s amazing! Feels so good. This has definitely improved the confidence that I have in my own sexuality. As a beginner’s toy, I 100% recommend it.” —Ahyoke

Get it from Amazon for $27.95.


The Girl’s Best Friend, a double whammy of a toy that will live up to its name. It’s perfect if you’re not sure whether you want to try a suction toy or a vibrating one — one end has an oral sex-mimicking clitoral stimulator, and the other is a classic vibe. Plus, reviewers say the lifetime warranty really has them coming back for more.

Amazon, amazon.com

It’s USB-rechargeable and has 20 sucking modes AND 20 vibrating modes that are controlled separately, so you can play around to find your perfect combination.

Promising review:My wife and I have had a very passionate and active sex life for the past 10 years. I thought adding a vibrator might enhance what is already pretty good with some extra spice. There are some things I do not feel comfortable about purchasing online, as I like to know that there’s someone that will stand behind their product should something go wrong. I researched many of these devices on Amazon, looked at hundreds of reviews, and found the Girl’s Best Friend, which looked quite interesting. I reached out to the customer service department to ask a few questions before making the decision to purchase. Their customer service feels like the same experience that I used to get at Nordstrom. Convinced, I went ahead and ordered it. Now, my wife is a little slow to get started and I think of myself as a very good lover; however, this thing had her doing loops in 30 seconds, and then another 5 seconds after that, and then another…and then I pried it out of her hands because I feared for her life! LOL. Definitely a good product with an outstanding customer service team.” —dlh60

Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (available in two colors).


A couple’s starter kit complete with a mini bullet vibe, a vibrating cock ring that can go over both the penis and balls, and a reversible stroker with different textures on either side. Aka, the makings of the sexiest starter pack meme you’ve ever seen.


All the required batteries are included so you can start getting freaky ASAP.

Promising review: “I bought this as a cheeky little gift to spice things up a bit. So glad I did. The little bullet is incredible. It was our first time using any kind of vibrator and I will never look back! The cock ring rocked my world! The stroker left my man wrecked. To say he loved it would be an understatement. If you’re thinking about buying this set, go for it! I was so anxious about introducing some toys, but we’re eager to use them again and make some more naughty purchases.” —Kat_1988

Get it from Lovehoney for $29.99.


An affordable dual-stimulating vibe if you want to try out a classic shape, vaginal and clitoral stimulation, and a super-flexible, body-safe silicone member without breaking the bank. It certainly gives you serious ~bang~ for your buck.


Psst…if you’re not used to penetration, this might not be the toy for you, since the insertable part is pretty girthy.

Promising review: “Don’t be embarrassed to try new things. This is wonderful. I thought my vagina was broken. First try, on my own, I had an orgasm within two minutes. Second try, with my partner, I had one and then another with him!!!!” —Amazon Fan

Get it from Amazon for $29.96.


A set of Tenga eggs, which open to reveal an awesomely textured, single-use masturbation sleeve and give new meaning to the expression “beat an egg” — even for penis owners who usually just stick to their hands.


Each egg contains water-based lube so you won’t be scrambling to find some in the heat of the moment. This set includes six eggs-ellent different textures, and yes, okay, I will stop with the yolks now.

Promising review:I bought these for my boyfriend, because he had never used toys before and I thought this would be the easiest thing to see if he liked them or not. He’s kinda rough when he plays, so I got him the ‘hard boiled’ ones. We have a long distance relationship at the moment, so we do a lot of playing around online and I thought this would be a good, fun change of pace for him. He tried his first one yesterday and we used it several times that day. He really loved it. <3 He’s extremely happy with these and it’s definitely made our play time more fun. I really enjoy seeing him so happy and excited and he had really nice orgasms with these. I’m also excited to use these on him, and I just think they’re awesome! He does, too!” —Candy Zimmerman

Get a set of six from Amazon for $26.34+ (available in two combinations of textures).


The I Rub My Duckie, a seven-speed vibrator that you can easily display in your bathroom and no one will be the wiser. And since the whole duck vibrates, you can play around with where you like the most stimulation. I can’t think of a less intimidating first toy, or one more likely to make you ~quack~ up. Yup, this fits the ~bill~.


Too many puns again? Sorry not sorry. Anywho, he’s latex-free and waterproof (of course), and he floats just like a regular rubber duck!

Promising review: “This is my favorite toy by far (and I have plenty). It’s my most-used vibrator and it’s always on my nightstand. The best thing about it is the many different ways you can use it and the different vibrations and feelings it gives (the beak on your clit, the head in your vagina, the flat belly resting on your lips, and many MORE!). Definitely worth it whether it’s your first toy or you’re just adding to your collection.” —Anonymous

Get it from Babeland for $34.99. Get a pack of four AAA batteries (the duckie requires one) from Amazon for $3.49.


A super realistic, flexible dildo that’s the perfect size for beginners, for both anal and vaginal use. Plus, it comes with a little bottle of lube so you’ll be ready to play right away!

Amazon, amazon.com

It’s got a strong suction cup base and also works with a strap-on harness.

Promising review: “I used this for anal, and was amazing. It’s soft enough to not hurt and rigid enough for a great time. It’s the perfect dildo for anal beginners. It feels really solid in your hand — it’s not heavy, but it feels like the realistic weight of a penis. The veins are nicely shaped but not overdone like on some dildos. The balls feel great to touch, which is something I never knew I needed on a dildo until I had it. Finally, the suction cup is really strong! It even sticks to surfaces that other dildos usually can’t, like plastered walls. This is a solid dildo for a great price, beating out (pun partially intended) more expensive competitors. I definitely recommend this toy!” —James

Get it from Amazon for $12.69 (available in three colors).


The Lelo Lily 2, a quiet, pretty, and gently curved vibe designed to provide tons of external stimulation, if penetration and phallic-looking toys just aren’t what you’re looking for. It’s also designed to work between your and a partner’s bodies if you need a little help to the finish line.


It’s USB-rechargeable (and can last up to four hours with one charge), waterproof, and has eight different settings to help you figure out what you like. It’s also SCENTED, with sexy aromas like chocolate, rose, or honey. Remember the scented markers you had in elementary school? This is the grown-up version and even more fun.

Promising review: “As a first-time user, I couldn’t be happier. I’m new to the world of toys, so I wanted to start small with something that wasn’t too big or extravagant. However, this device has been AWESOME for solo play and the different settings make for a different experience each time.”—Sexploration

Get it from Lelo for $111.20 (originally $139; available in three colors and scents).


A double-ended, latex-free anal prober so you can figure out ~what what~ you like ~up your butt~.


Some reviewers have also had fun with it vaginally!

Promising review: “For those who have never used an anal toy, this is great for beginners! Both ends are completely different but still maximize your orgasm. The toy is firm but so easy to use and is super easy to clean. I recommend this for beginners 100%, as it really does intensify the overall orgasm.” —Xbsjsisjxnaidn

Get it from Lovehoney for $12.99.


The Unbound Saucy, a adorably quirky vibe here to provide out-of-this-world feeling thanks to a sci-fi-worthy thing called haptic technology — it senses when you squeeze harder and then vibrates harder in response!

Free People, Unbound

Don’t worry, there’s also a lock mode so you can keep it at a fave speed if you prefer. Plus it’s waterproof and USB-rechargeable!

Promising review: “Saucy is so beautiful, and fun to just look at! The haptic technology makes it such an exciting experience and makes me look forward to me time!! This was my first vibe, but I’ve already ordered two more items from Unbound!” —M.

Get it from Unbound or Free People for $69 (nice, available in two colors).


A sultry remote-controlled vibe and panty set for anyone who wants to try out getting (discreetly) sexy in public. Just pop the 12-speed, eight-pattern, waterproof vibe into the adjustable panties’ pouch, hand the remote to your partner, and go to town (literally).


The remote works within eight meters (about 26 feet).

Promising review: “My fiancé got this for me for Christmas and we decided to use it when we were out for a meal, and it was amazing. It comes with some sexy underwear, which ties on the sides so it’s good for any size. The underwear has a little pocket in for the toy. It was so powerful and discreet. The toy itself is lovely and smooth and easy to clean, and it comes with a nice case where you can discreetly charge it through the side. Perfect for keeping it hidden from view. It’s the perfect toy for keeping your love life a little exciting and it has a long battery life too. I love it and it’s brought a lot of fun into our lives.” —Ohloveoh

Get it from Lovehoney fro $79.99 (originally $99.99).


A waterproof, textured cock ring so you can start to experiment with toys with your partner in way that helps you both get off. This bad boy provides clitoral stimulation and is designed to help the wearer last longer.


It charges fully via USB in an hour, so it’ll get charged up almost as fast as you 😉. Plus, it is waterproof and has five speeds and five patterns you can mix and match, and it can be flipped around to work in all different positions or even for people with penises to use solo.

Promising review: “I love this thing. It’s the first toy we used as a couple and it was magical. We both finished with one of the most intense climaxes of our life. I would highly suggest this product for anyone looking to spice up the bedroom!” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in two colors).


A powerful, seven-inch vibrator that’s shockingly quiet, for anyone who really wants to go at it without fear of their roommates hearing. As for stopping YOURSELF from being noisy, that I can’t help you with.


Promising review: “I was very hesitant at first as I’ve never used anything like this before. I wasn’t sure which one to get, but my boyfriend suggested it and I definitely do not regret it. Very intense and powerful, great for use together or solo! Also is so quiet — I was shocked by how quiet! Highly recommend!” —Paige9894

Get it from Lovehoney for $12.50 (originally $24.99, also available in purple here). Get a pack of four C batteries (the vibe needs one) from Amazon for $5.99.


A discreet, quiet, and classic bullet vibe that could be easily mistaken for a tube of lipstick, so you can take it on the go worry-free. And listen, I love lipstick, but last time I checked, my favorite tube of Fenty didn’t have six nut-worthy vibration speeds.


In fact, I recently gifted one of these to a friend to be her first vibe, because it seemed so fun yet accessible for beginners. It’s also waterproof and USB-rechargeable, and you don’t even need a cord for it — just remove the tip and plug it in to your laptop like a flash drive!

Promising review: “This is my first time buying a toy of this sort because I thought, how could anything be better than my own digits…well, it is!!! It’s amazing and, shall I say, never-ending! ; )” —whispers22

Get it from Lelo for $59.43 (originally $84.90; available in four colors).


An under-$10 (yes, really) mini G-spot vibe so you can give the world of toys a try and, if you don’t like it (I mean, you will, but hypothetically) you’ll only be out the price of, like, 1.5 trips to Starbucks.


Promising review: “This is an absolutely amazing vibrator! Very powerful! Easy to use and easy to clean. Extremely affordable and worth every penny! This is a slim, non-intimidating vibe, perfect for beginners or travel. Nice and compact, this will fit easily into a bag or purse. Perfect for couples or alone time. Very satisfied.” —LiveYourBestLife

Get it from Lovehoney for $9.99 (available in two colors). Get a pack of four AA batteries (the vibe requires one) from Amazon for $3.79.


A sleek and splurge-worthy cock ring that heard you say that plain old partnered sex couldn’t get any better, then said “hold my beer.” Or “hold my lube.” IDK what sex toys drink but you get the point.


It has six settings that’ll ~cock~ your world, is waterproof, can be worn up or down, and comes with a USB charging cord and luxe satin pouch.

Promising review: “I purchased this about a month ago and it’s been great for both of us. The wife loves it!!! This is the first toy that we’ve tried and could not be happier. She has an orgasm with in a few minutes of me entering her. This is the first time she has ever had an orgasm while I have been in her, which of course gets me off at the same time or shortly thereafter. The Tor 2 has refreshed our sex life after 30 years of marriage.” —Penn State

Get it from Lelo for $111.20 (originally $139; available in three colors).


An internally textured stroker so folks on HRT with bottom growth can get off with a toy that’s just right for their body.


Get it from Rodeoh for $26.


A trainer set of butt plugs to help you gradually build up to the backdoor fun your body’s been assking for.


Promising review: “Great for beginners. As a straight man, using anal toys is daunting, but this is perfect for anyone curious about anal play. The first two slid in comfortably and made for incredible pleasure. Still working up to the large one.” —Ana Alley

Get a set of three from Amazon for $16.99.


A finger vibe so you can get used to the feel of a vibrator during a good-ol’-fashioned fingering session.


The battery is single use (lasts about half an hour), so the whole toy will need to be replaced when it dies. But luckily, it’s super cheap and can be turned on and off to save the battery for a few uses.

Promising review: “This tingly little thing was one of the first toys that I ever bought. It’s wonderfully simple to use and oh so much fun! It’s small enough for portable use, aka fabulous for holiday pleasure. 😉 It doesn’t make too much noise, so no one need know you’ve got one of these things handy. Also, such good value for money! One of the basics everyone should have.” —Mmmsexyx

Get it from Lovehoney for $6.99.


And finally, some top-rated antibacterial toy cleaner and lube to complete your ~special package~. Because if there’s anything you need to know about sex toys, it’s to clean them after each use and to USE A WATER-BASED LUBE, PEOPLE!

Amazon, amazon.com

Other types of lube aren’t good for your toys.

Promising review (for the cleaner): “Great product. Feels clean and rinses off completely. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of products cause issues when used in sensitive areas. This cleanser works very well, does not adversely affect toy materials, and has not caused me any discomfort. I would definitely recommend to my friends!” —Whitney Vieira

Promising review (for the lube): “I’ve tried other kinds of lube and this is still my preferred one. The texture is perfect and it’s not too oily like other ones. Be sure to apply more as needed, though. Very good product and has brought me some extremely pleasurable moments. :)” —A. Kim

Get the toy cleaner for $8 (also available as a mist rather than a foam) and the lube for $6.19 (both from Amazon).

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