/19 Jokes That Made Me Laugh And Go, “Its Funny Because Its True”

19 Jokes That Made Me Laugh And Go, “Its Funny Because Its True”

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We all have more in common than I thought.

One of the best things about Twitter is how often it seems we have more shared experiences than we thought. If you doubt that, try not to say, “Oh, that’s me,” while going through this post:


When you’re at somebody’s house and they offer you water, and you hear the sink turn on

03:12 AM – 30 Apr 2020


Me thinking about who I am whenever I get that “tell me about yourself” message. https://t.co/RRvAEenAeh

09:48 PM – 20 Mar 2020


sometimes i get really concerned about things very suddenly like i’ll be chillin then all the sudden be like “o shit where’s my birth certificate”

03:21 AM – 22 Aug 2018


do you check the personal life section of a persons wikipedia page first or are you straight

04:20 PM – 02 May 2020


Hearing myself say “AYEEEE” on my story the next day is honestly bottom of the barrel. I hate it here

01:28 PM – 17 Nov 2019


divorced parents be meeting at store parking lots exchanging they kids like it’s a drug deal. 😭

11:49 PM – 07 May 2020


Is your dad really your dad if he doesn’t say “who?” after talking about any of your friends even if he’s known them for literally 7 years??

10:37 PM – 15 Dec 2018

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