/18 Tweets That Completely Ruined Men This Month

18 Tweets That Completely Ruined Men This Month

Posted 10 minutes ago

It’s that time of the month again.

Here are a bunch of tweets from this month that 1) lightly roasted men and 2) made me giggle while on the clock. If you think these are funny, be sure to follow the accounts to make your Twitter timeline a funnier place! 😌


if I had a boyfriend I would simply love him in private because loving a man is embarrassing

11:32 PM – 16 Jun 2020


it’s been scientifically proven that if a guy asks for ur snapchat and not ur number he has the emotional intelligence of a crouton

05:56 PM – 09 Jun 2020


you disagree with a man & they be like “ i dont think u understand what im saying” LMAOOO what?

06:33 PM – 08 Jun 2020


military men be on tinder like “who want me?? 😩😩😩” bitch the depths of hell

10:26 PM – 27 Jun 2020


It’s weird how “daddy issues” became an insult to women when it’s men who fail as fathers.

12:29 AM – 15 Jun 2020


I’m gonna start telling men “I know a place” and then drop them off at a therapist.

09:52 PM – 27 Jun 2020


guys have a hard time committing to a woman but will remain loyal to their barber that constantly fucks up their hair

10:27 PM – 27 Jun 2020


the reason men in books are so attractive is bc they’re usually written by women 😳🙄

08:38 PM – 21 Jun 2020

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