/17 Weird And Wonderful Jokes About How Stuff Might Have Been Invented

17 Weird And Wonderful Jokes About How Stuff Might Have Been Invented

Posted 11 minutes ago

I hope whoever invented the ice cream sandwich knows they’re loved.

We all know who invented the lightbulb, but who invented smoothies? Windbreakers? Burpees?!

Here are 17 hilarious tweets about how stuff might have been invented:


the guy who invented constellations was like “see those 4 stars? that’s a bear” and everyone else was just too busy trying to not die from the plague to fight him on it

11:45 PM – 07 Jul 2019


“What if I tried to put a ball somewhere and you tried to stop me”

-guy who invented sports

07:27 AM – 01 Dec 2015


whoever invented crab rangoon

ya moms a
really nice lady and she raised a truly world changing citizen and I owe her my life.

12:59 AM – 07 Jun 2018


[being haunted by the spirit of the man who invented the gif]

*extremely spooky voice* oooo I’m a jhost! Yes, it’s pronounced “jhost”

06:37 PM – 23 Jan 2018


whoever invented smoothies is literally a god to me like thanks bitch for enabling me to drink like 20 bananas this is what i live for

02:29 PM – 06 Feb 2018


wind: *exists*

guy who invented windbreakers: “this shit sucks. I have got to find some way to break this.”

09:09 PM – 17 Oct 2019


The person who invented ice cream sandwiches was probably very sad at one time, but then never ever sad ever again.

05:24 PM – 03 Jun 2019


Guy who invented the piano: 200 hundred years from now it may need tuning but it will be sturdy. So sturdy.

His friend, who invented piano benches: the legs are designed for maximum wobble

07:46 PM – 15 Feb 2019


guy who invented the hand-dryer: it’s extremely loud but GET THIS it also doesn’t work

04:58 PM – 11 Dec 2019

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