/17 Tweets From Women This Week That Are Just A Joy

17 Tweets From Women This Week That Are Just A Joy

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Who doesn’t have off vibes these days?

It’s been a week, folks! So, here are some of the best tweets from women for ya.


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In case you guys are wondering how being manager is going……no one showed up today because I forgot to make this weeks schedule 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

04:26 PM – 14 Sep 2020


Me popping up with my new man after I told everyone I’m just trying to focus on myself

01:35 PM – 17 Sep 2020


Ashley Tisdale’s baby registry:

-towels imported from Turkey
-turkey imported from Maine

04:11 PM – 17 Sep 2020


do americans know that british teachers apologise if a video that we are watching is american

04:35 PM – 14 Sep 2020


This is the funniest text i have ever received in my ENTIRE LIFE and i want it put on my grave

04:57 AM – 19 Sep 2020

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