/17 Tweets About Getting Older That Literally Every Human Over 30 Can Relate To

17 Tweets About Getting Older That Literally Every Human Over 30 Can Relate To

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“Your knees and ankles sound like a box of Rice Krispies.”

Aging is no joke. Sure, it’s a privilege and part of life and all that, but there’s a reason why #SideEffectsOfGettingOld is trending right now. Here are some of the most relatable tweets:


Taking a pic on your phone just so you can zoom in and make the text readable:

@Dannon, I can’t be the only one that can’t read the expiration date on yogurt, right ? Had to take a pic with my phone and then use the magnify feature … #SideEffectsOfGettingOld

04:00 PM – 18 Oct 2020


Realizing that the hangover now is not the same as the hangover of your early twenties:

Going out for drinks now results in the same recovery time as minor surgery. #SideEffectsOfGettingOld

04:09 PM – 18 Oct 2020


Scrolling insultingly far down to find the year you were born:

The absolute worst #SideEffectsOfGettingOld is scrolling forever to select my birth year

04:31 PM – 18 Oct 2020


Hurting literally everywhere…


…Especially your back:


Listening to your body’s auditory reminders of your age:


Having to pee all the freaking time:


Realizing that staying home and going to bed are the greatest joys in life:


Not knowing what the heck the kids’ slang means nowadays:


Refusing to bend over for the little things:


Feeling completely ignored by young people:


Not sweating the small stuff anymore:


Sighing and groaning loudly all the time without realizing it:

You make ‘old people’ noises when you sit in / get up from the chair. #SideEffectsOfGettingOld

03:40 PM – 18 Oct 2020


Picking clothes that are comfortable instead of trendy:


Feeling grumpy for no real reason:


Realizing that your memory has gone to shit:


And finally, wondering why these young whipper-snappers don’t just listen to the classics:

What’s your biggest side effect of getting old? Let me know in the comments below!

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