/16 Twitter Reactions To Trumps Video To Rioters Saying “Go Home, We Love You”

16 Twitter Reactions To Trumps Video To Rioters Saying “Go Home, We Love You”

Posted on Jan 6, 2021

From jokes to questioning Twitter itself.

However, before it was removed, the video was merely flagged by Twitter, which meant that it could not be liked, replied to, or retweeted (although quote tweets are still allowed), due to “a risk of violence.”

Of course, Twitter had thoughts. Some questioned Twitter’s decision:

⚠️ this Tweet can’t be replied to, Retweeted, or liked to due to a risk of violence. But you can share it if you add some bullshit commentary like “ay caramba” anyway you’re welcome

09:31 PM – 06 Jan 2021

Twitter: @shwinyo

Others reacted with jokes:

🥰 we love you 🥰 you’re very special 🥰 don’t stand up to the evildoers who have stolen the election from you 🥰 go home kids 🥰 but the evil ones have stolen the election 🥰

09:34 PM – 06 Jan 2021

Twitter: @thelindsayellis

trump just said “we love you, you are very special” to these TERRORISTS.
he said “when the looting starts the shooting starts” during the black lives matters protests.

09:28 PM – 06 Jan 2021

Twitter: @steph0sims

Trump has tweeted a video in which he lies that the “election was stolen from us” and lies that he won in “a landslide,” then tells the mob “but you have to go home now,” then calls the election “fraudulent,” then says we need “peace,” then calls the mob “very special.”

09:25 PM – 06 Jan 2021

Twitter: @ddale8

Trump earlier today ordered his mob to march to the Capitol. After their attack on the U.S. Capitol, he told them, ”We love you—you’re very special.”
His daughter just addressed them as “American Patriots.”
Please pay attention.

10:13 PM – 06 Jan 2021

Twitter: @BeschlossDC

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Jan. 06, 2021, at 23:40 PM

This story has been updated now that Twitter has removed the video from President Trump’s account.

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