/14 Questions Non-Americans Have About American Parents

14 Questions Non-Americans Have About American Parents

“My son is 5,384 months old.”

Everyone has different parenting styles, but there’s no denying that there are certain clichés that come with each culture. Since we never like to miss out on an opportunity to poke fun at Americans, here are 14 questions the rest of the world has for American parents:


why do american parents in films make jokes about shagging in front of their kids if my parents did that i’d probs pack my bags and buy a one way ticket to adoption

10:48 AM – 03 Apr 2018


why do american parents always say “my kid is 234892839827872 months old”???? like bro just tell me their AGE

12:39 AM – 17 Nov 2020


Why do American parents call their kids “champ” if my dad called me that I’d tell child services

09:06 PM – 18 Jun 2013


why do American parents kick their kids or want them out of the house by 18??? Or is it just in movies??

07:29 PM – 25 Jul 2020


Why do American parents say ‘Go to your room!’ as punishment? Might as well say, ‘Go upstairs where all your cool stuff is and love life.’

06:33 PM – 21 May 2013


Why do American parents speak to their little kids like idiots and not regularly like every other nationality

02:37 PM – 23 Jun 2017

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