/14 Nightmare Customers No One Is Paid Enough To Deal With

14 Nightmare Customers No One Is Paid Enough To Deal With


“I had just finished folding at least 80 cardigans at the clothing store I worked at when this woman started flipping through them and throwing them around. I asked her if I could help her find what she was looking for, but she declined. She then said, ‘Oh, I must be messing all of this up for you!’ and laughed in my face while continuing to throw the cardigans around!”

“She ended up walking away without buying anything from that table and I spent the next hour or so refolding it.”



“I was a manager at a pizza chain when a man came in and ordered a pizza to go. The hostess told him it would be about 15 minutes. He paid and walked away while she was still talking. Ten minutes later he stormed back in screaming, ‘I’ve seen three people walk in and out with their food since I’ve been waiting in my TESLA. Why are you withholding my food? I’m going to have your JOB!’”

“She calmly explained the other people had called in orders for pickup. He then yelled at me, ‘I’m not used to this type of service. I usually pay the extra fee to get my food delivered. Money is nothing to me! Have you seen what I drive?’ I told him I would give him a full refund and cancel his order so he could spend all his money somewhere else. He angrily accepted.”


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