/135 “Riverdale” Storylines That Actually Happened This Season

135 “Riverdale” Storylines That Actually Happened This Season

27. There was a shooting at the El Royale, and Eddie (a character, I swear) was shot. (I am so sorry if this is the first time I’ve mentioned that Archie opened a community center called the El Royale, but, well, here it is!)

28. Cheryl combed corpse Jason’s hair.

29. Archie decided to be a superhero, like, for real. He’s, like, a full-time masked vigilante who goes after “bad people.” Okay, cool?

30. Charles turned out to be bad! I’m shocked!

31. Jughead was revealed to be dead in the flash-forward.

32. Betty and Kevin (who she forgave for the whole lobotomy thing) joined the high school FBI program together.

33. There was some kind of plot with Hiram and Veronica that I can’t really remember, but he wanted out of jail and she bribed the governor AGAIN. Also, he runs for mayor. Whatever.

34. Betty reconfirmed the fact that she DOES have the serial killer genes and relived the moment when she killed her cat, Caramel, but Kevin convinced her that was actually her dad’s fault.

35. Hiram turned out to have a secret daughter named Hermosa.

36. Charles said he also has the serial killer genes.

37. In the flash-forward, Betty, Veronica, and Archie were arrested for Jughead’s murder.

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